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Course Information

The Sceaux University Institute of Technology prepares students for the two-year University Diploma in Technology in two professional areas : Business & Administration (B.U.T. GEA) and Sales & Marketing (B.U.T. TC).

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The IUT also provides tuition for Professional Bachelor’s Degrees (third year of tertiary education) in the following areas

•    International Commerce
•    Human Resource Management
•    Commerce
•    Organisation Management
•    Finance and Accounting
•    Banking
•    Commercial Management for the Optical Sector

The IUT also offers a Master’s Degree course in Supply Chain Management and Logistics in partnership with the Jean Monnet School of Law.

Key characteristics of the courses

•    Tuition in small or medium-sized groups;
•    Teaching methods combining theory and practice;
•    Strong emphasis on professional experience: a large number of classes are taught by professionals from the service sector;
•    Internships and group projects are part of the coursework at all levels and included in the assessment ;  
Most courses are taught in French. An International business program fully taught in English is offered in the Spring Semester. Courses start in January and end in March. They are followed by a three-month internship in a French company. These courses are essentially aimed at Erasmus students from our partner universities, but are also open to French students who are willing to study entirely in English. (ajouter Brochure)
Academic Calendar
The FALL Semester starts in the first week of September and ends after the semester exams in December before the Winter holidays.
The SPRING Semester starts after the Winter holidays, at the beginning of January. It ends mid-April. If you choose to stay for the internship, it will be the end of June.

Calendars for Bachelor’s degree courses may vary. See calendars for each course...